Aloha and Mahalo from Ohana Software

Ohana Software is closing. We at Ohana Software have enjoyed working with you these past 12 years. FamilyInsight has returned to its original purpose as a clean up tool.

There are several choices of programs that will work with FamilySearch Family Tree. They each have different features. Some will download from FamilySearch Family Tree, Sync your records with FamilySearch, Add records to Family Tree , update your records etc.
Visit to see all of the products that work with FamilySearch Family Tree.

There is now a version of FamilyInsight that just has the clean up tools and comparison modes. You can also convert to different formats. As we are closing there will be no further support for FamilyInsight, or any other programs that we have sold in the past. We are putting a new version of FamilyInsight on and it will be available to anyone. The license key is on the webpage.

Due to changes made on FamilySearch on 21 Aug 2014 FamilyInsight no longer signs into FamilySearch so modes requiring that will no longer connect.

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