Back to the Basics with FamilyInsight

  • Compare, see and update differing information in 2 files
  • Clean up place names and other issues.
  • Convert your file to other formats.

Fill in those pesky county names.

Collaborate Easily with Others

Compare all of the places names in your file with the place authority on Then use the automatic suggestions to fill in missing pieces, correct misspellings, and make sure your place names are formatted correctly.

Named "Best Standardizer" in the 2009 FamilySearch Software Awards. MORE>
Easily compare information in your file with most popular file formats and update only the persons and information that you want into your file. Save yourself time and aggravation by quickly seeing the differences.

No more blind imports. MORE>

Why people love FamilyInsight

"I am simply amazed with the FamilyInsight program. The ease with which it makes it possible to reconcile and consolidate multiple records for the same ancestors is a huge improvement over all of the earlier programs. I applaud, and very much appreciate, your efforts."

Robert Dean Bledsoe
Temecula, CA

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