Install or Update FamilyInsight

To install or update FamilyInsight, click on the Download link below. When your browser asks whether you want to Save or Open/Run the file, choose Open/Run. When the download is complete, the installer will run.

FamilyInsight for Windows

(Version 2013.5.13.0) *Works with XP, Vista and Windows 7 & 8

Works with RootsMagic 4, 5 & 6, Ancestral Quest 12 & 14, Family Tree Maker 2008, 2009, 2010,& 2011, The Master Genealogist, Family Historian and PAF 5 files and back ups as well as GEDCOMs

Works with Legacy 7.5 files unless you are using Legacy update versions or later created Aug 20 2013. There were changes made in the Legacy file format for in this update. FamilyInsight cannot save the correct format for the latest Legacy update. Please DO NOT use your Legacy file in FamilyInsight if you are using this latest update of Legacy. We are working to correct this issue.

Note: This version of FamilyInsight works with If you do not have a log in for the actual FamilySearch you will be unable to use the Simple Update Mode

Please install updates as they become available. The automatic updates will check for updates and download the latest installer as it becomes available. You should then run that installer when notified that it has been download on your machine.

Changes were made the new FamilySearch website June 20, 2013 that will make it so that only downloading information into your file will be available from the website. Because of previous changes your will also need a version created after Aug 2010 to connect to new.familysearch. To prevent this lack of connection please update to a current version. If your period of free updates has ended, you may get an Update License to extend your period of updates. For more information on Update Licenses Click Here.


  • You must have Window 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8 to run the latest version of FamilyInsight.
  • Once you start using FamilyInsight to synchronize your file with new FamilySearch, you should not save that same file in PAF Insight as there is new data from New FamilySearch that is not be saved in PAF Insight.
  • Please exit Personal Ancestral File (PAF) completely before installing FamilyInsight.

NOTICE: The first time you run FamilyInsight after updating or installing it, you need to be sure your firewall program will allow it to access the Internet. Typically a firewall will pop up a notice that asks if you want to block FamilyInsight. You must change the settings on this popup notice to always allow FamilyInsight to access the internet. If you just click OK, without changing the settings, you may need to manually configure the firewall to allow FamilyInsight to access the Internet.

We recommend that all computers be protected by a firewall.

If you have a new computer or for some reason need to reinstall and your update period has expired, you do not have to extend the update period. You may install an older version that was included in your free update period.

To find older versions of FamilyInsight and PAF Insight for installation >>

If you need an older version that works on Mac, you can find that to download on the download archive page through the link above. We recommend only using the Mac version with PAF files and with GEDCOMs as it has not been updated to work with the latest Mac family history programs.

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