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This page contains genealogy software programs that are either freeware or shareware that we thought might be useful for some of our customers. Ohana Software did not develop these programs. We do not provide any support for these programs. For support or any questions you should contact the developer of the program.

We would like to thank the developers for their time in developing these Genealogy tools and their willingness to share them with others.

PAF Pal Download

Steve Cannon, the developer of PAF Pal, passed away a few years ago. He was a good programmer and a good friend. Now that new FamilySearch is being used by so many people, we have contacted Steve's family and they have agreed to allow us to offer PAF Pal at no cost. You will still need a license. For the License use the following information.
Username: PAF Pal
License key: C9GFR7TT

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Parish Locator

Nov 28, 2006

This program and associated data is freeware and may be used or passed on to or by anyone providing all files are also included. This program and the associated data are copyrighted by the authors and only the right to use the program is granted. All other rights including but not limited to use of the database in other programs, any commercial sale in any form, inclusion in any other work, and any use for profit are reserved to the authors. Any use other than for family history research by individuals must be authorized in writing. This freeware program and data has been prepared in the ongoing work on the Lawson One Name Study by Terry Lawson of the Sussex Family History Society; Gerald Lawson of the Yorkshire Archeological Society, Family History Section; Steve Archer and Arlyn Liddell.

They have created a database of almost 25,000 parishes and churches throughout England, Scotland and Wales. From the full listing you are able to select a 'Home' parish around which you need to identify other churches. You can enter a distance in either miles or kilometers from the 'Home' parish and request a listing of all such churches from the database within that radius.

The listing may be printed or saved to file. This shows the names of the churches within the specified radius along with the County code and National Grid Ordnance Reference. In addition the distance from the 'Home' church and the direction from it are shown.

Download Parish Locator(compressed zip file) >>

Download the zip file and then unzip the file and click on the SETUP.exe to install the Parish Locator.

Copyright © 2001, Li Ar Software

PAF5 Multi-Media Packer Version 1.8.3

Developed by Lorin Lund

Updated August 2009

Lorin Lund has written a program to help people pack up their PAF file along with the multimedia files it references. He has it polished to the point that he doesn't see any bugs in it. But you can never anticipate all the things people might try.

He is inviting people to try it out and report any problems.

"There seemed to be some need for helping people pack up their multimedia files along with their PAF file. But because zip archives can cause confusion (Since PAF registers itself as the owner of the .zip file extension but does not handle any other files in the zip archive except a .PAF file.) I have also provided for creating self extracting archives.

This latest version of PAF5MediaPacker will only pack the data if all the multimedia files referenced by the PAF file have relative paths. But it will help you identify the multimedia files that need to be moved to accomplish that. Previous versions dealt with absolute paths but the problems arising from unpacking were really messy. So now we do relative paths only..

The thing that controls whether the path stored in the multimedia record is relative or absolute is this: if a multimedia file is stored in the same directory as the PAF file or in some directory (folder) subordinate to it PAF will store its location as a relative path (relative to the location of the PAF file.) Otherwise PAF stores the complete path of the multimedia file.

Version 1.8.3 July 2009 - Bug fix. Drops support for packing when there are absolute paths involved. For Multimedia files linked into your PAF data that have been moved, PAF5MediaPacker can search them out and update the links in your PAF file

Version 1.8.1 - June 2009 - Bug fix. If ALL multimedia files were missing no error list would be produced. Now it will.

Version 1.8 - This new version (as of Aug 2007) now has the capability of help you to resolve any multimedia file references that may have been broken my moving files around.

It now has a general options dialog box rather than a sequence of message boxes.

Download PAF5MediaPacker >>

The author is requesting a $5.00 donation from users who find it useful.

For questions or additional information please contact Lorin Lund

GenDB Cemetery Database Creator

Feb 2, 2006

Freeware developed by Joseph Irvine

This program was created as part of Joseph's Eagle Project. This program helps people with personal cemetery indexing projects, like the one Joseph did for his Eagle Scout program. The program allows the person to enter the information, the program alphabetizes the lists, and then the program creates an HTML file that can be hosted on their own personal webpage, or they can contribute the sorted HTML or sorted TXT file to an online record repository such as

The install is a MSI file. This will install with Windows XP. If you computer has the necessary updates to install this program, then you can simply click on the download and run it. You will get an error message if you need to download Microsoft® Windows® Installer. This may be downloaded as a free upgrade at

Download GenDB Cemetery Database Creator >>

For questions or additional information please contact Joseph Irvine


Feb 1, 2006

Developed by Lorin Lund

"This is a program I use to understand PAF's data structure better. There are a few points that are not finished. I have been adding record types as I needed them. So far the following record types are supported (or mostly so):

These record types do not have display forms built yet:

Also, I don't have complete handling of date information."

This install archive is in Microsoft® Windows® Installer (.MSI) format. It works fine with Windows XP. If you have an older version of Windows that doesn't recognize .msi files, please go to and install the free update.

Download PAF5Snoop >>

For questions or additional information please contact Lorin Lund
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