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Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting on your family tree, Family Tree Maker 2011 can help you create a family tree faster, easier, and better than ever before. The end result is a family history that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

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Family Tree Maker 2011 for Windows

Introduces more than 100 enhancements including:

  • Smart Stories™— Just drag and drop facts from your tree to the new Smart Stories page. Each time you edit your tree, stories update automatically.
  • New and improved charts—Enhance your charts with new backgrounds, borders, and embellishments. Create four new designs, including a 360 degree fan chart.
  • Refined reports—Save and reuse report settings and use 5 new report styles.
  • Media management tools—Locate missing media items with the click of the mouse.
  • More Ancestry integration—Find out which Ancestry members are searching for your ancestors in the expanded Web Dashboard.
  • Better performance—Upload and download trees from the Internet with increased speed.
  • Numbering—Automatically number every person in your tree for quick reference.
  • Timelines—View more events that occurred during your ancestors’ lives. Even edit, delete or add your own historical events.
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Tree Management Family Tree Download
You can now download your online trees directly into Family Tree Maker and either start a new tree or merge it into your current file. The downloaded tree will include the facts as well as images associated with the online tree.

Performance Improvements
Performance has been improved throughout the program, particularly in startup time and when importing .FTW and GEDCOM files.

Enhanced File Statistics
You can view new statistical information about your tree including the average life span of individuals in your tree, the earliest birth date, and the most recent birth date.


Enhanced Web Dashboard
The Web dashboard on the Plan workspace now includes your account information as well as Twitter feeds from Family Tree Maker and

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Scanner Support
You can scan images directly into Family Tree Maker and organize them into categories at the same time.

Slide Show
Create slide show presentations using images you've included in your tree. You can also export the slide show to share with others (the slide show can be viewed in Windows Media Player).

Slide Show

Work with Media Items as a Group
Select multiple media items at the same time; choose categories for media items as a group.

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Maps and Locations

GPS/Latitude-Longitude Support
In the Places workspace you can access and modify GPS coordinates. You can also select your own locations on the map and store their GPS coordinates.

GPS Support

Migration Maps
Show the locations of an individual's life events on a map. Or choose multiple individuals and show all the locations linked to an entire family. (You can select the specific individuals to include and the specific events you want mapped.)

Migration Map

Updated Place Authority
Thousands of new place names have been added to the locations database and additional locations have been updated and/or corrected.

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More Robust Relationship Calculator
The Relationship Calculator now has the ability to display multiple relationships for an individual (for example when cousins marry). The first relationship displayed will be the closest relationship. You will also be able to display the 'path' of how individuals are related.

Relationship Calculator

Global Spell-Check
An enhanced spell-check will look for spelling errors in all fact descriptions, notes, sources, media descriptions, and tasks.

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Charts, Reports, and Books

Family Group Sheet Redesign
The Family Group Sheet has been redesigned to more closely adhere to a standard format and has improved image support.

Family Group Sheet

Genealogy Report Improvements
The wording of the Register and Ahnentafel reports has been improved and has a more narrative feel.

Report Improvements

Kinship Report Lists Multiple Relationships
Previously, the Kinship report only listed one relationship per individual. Now every relationship is included. For example, if cousins marry, their relationships as spouses and cousins will be included.

Sources in Charts
You can now include source information with a chart. The sources will be numbered and displayed on a separate page at the end of the chart.

Source Charts

Rename Publishing Items on the Collection Tab
Books, charts, and reports can all be renamed directly from the Saved Publications list.

Export and Delete Individuals from Charts
You can select a group of individuals in a chart and then export them as a separate tree or delete them as a group. This feature is especially powerful in the Extended Family Tree chart.

Include or Exclude Non-preferred Events in Charts and Reports
You can choose whether to include or exclude non-preferred facts from charts and reports. Facts such as occupation and residence can now be shown in a report without having to include all non-preferred facts.

Shortened Place Names
You can enter brief place names to use in reports and charts.

Place Names

Book-Building Improvements
You can change the order in which items in your book appear by dragging and dropping them in the book outline; you can also use duplicate names for book items.

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Data Entry

Enhanced Family View
Improvements to the People workspace allow you to see more information about individuals in the pedigree view as well as information about the parents of the selected couple.

Family View

Ability to Quickly Add Facts on Person Tab
When adding facts to an individual on the Person tab, you now have the ability to quickly add basic facts (such as Birth, Marriage, and Death) from a drop-down list. The drop-down list will also include any facts you've custom added to the editing panel on the Family tab.

Add Facts Person Tab

Enhanced Editing of Relationships
A new relationship window gives easy access to relationship facts, notes, and media items.

Edit Relationships

Saved History List
Previously, when you closed out of Family Tree Maker, you would lose the history list that showed which sources, media items, or individuals you had recently edited. Now, these History edit lists remain even if you close out of Family Tree Maker.

Printing Notes
You can now print notes you've entered for an individual.

Task List Filtering
Task lists can now be filtered by category, which allows you to print category specific tasks.

Graphical Indicators on Person Tab
New graphical indicators have been added to the Person tab to indicate when media items, notes, and sources are linked to the selected person.

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Replacing Source Citations
Source citations can be replaced by an existing source citation - without losing any links to individuals or media items.

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New FamilySearch using FamilyInsight

Use in conjunction with FamilyInsight to gain the ability to synchronize a file with new FamilySearch
You can now open and synchronize Family Tree Maker files directly in FamilyInsight. This gives you the ability to compare and transfer information to and from the New FamilySearch Website, while still using a robust program like Family Tree Maker. If you don't already have FamilyInsight, buy the Family Tree Maker & FamilyInsight bundle and save!

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