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Highly Customizable Charts

  • Customize line widths and font styles.
  • Color your charts with three color styles by gender, generation or lineage. Gradient color feature provides an extra special effect.
  • Flexible chart options including: choice of events and date format, place names, fonts, and box styles up to 160 generations.
  • "Cousin smart" option eliminates duplication of individuals on charts.
  • Include photos in most charts.
  • See Chart Examples

Flexible Printing Options

  • Create large wall charts by tiling many pages together or printing to a plotter.
  • Print on any size paper - letter, legal, A4, or larger!
  • Alternate units of measure - automatically adjusts to U.S. (inches) or metric (centimeters) units of measure depending on the regional settings in your Windows operating system.
  • Fan chart can be printed in quarter, half or full circle format.
  • Print as portrait or landscape.

Other Great Ways to Share

  • Publish charts to PDF and share with others.
  • Book reports are sent to your word processor for final editing and printing.
  • Print book reports for both ancestor and decendant groups.

New Embroidery Charts: More than a Conversation Piece

This is one more way that Charting Companion's powerful family tree charting capabilities can bring your family history to life. You won't find this feature in any other genealogy program.

  • Charting Companion's new Embroidery Charts are as practical as they are fun. Now you can wear your family tree and attract the attention of possible relatives you've never met.
  • You can embroider two types of charts: Ancestor Fan, and Descendant Fan Charts
  • Format them in quarter-, half- or full-circle - your choice!
  • Up to 5 generations from your genealogy on any one chart and still preserve the legibility of lettering.
  • Compatible with all commercial embroidery machines, as well as most computer-capable home sewing machines.
  • Dynamic Stitching File Format - DST

Easy to Use

  • Learn and Go!-Complete Video Tour
  • Extensive search and display capabilities, including on screen navigation through most charts.
  • Extensive built in program help.
  • Automatically adjusts to U.S. (inches) or metric (centimeters) units of measure depending on the regional settings in your Windows operating system.
  • FREE unlimited product support provided by Progeny Software.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Registered with FamilySearch
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8
  • Pentium processor
  • Windows compatible printer
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® (required for preview and publish to PDF)
  • Internet Connection

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