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Facebook for Genealogists

Presenter: Hannah Z. Allan - Development and Promotion, ResearchTies

Have you wanted to use Facebook for more than just "likes" and "comments?" Come learn how to expand your social media usage to include sharing and furthering your family history.

RecordSeek Tree Connect - Successful Sourcing from your Digital Documents

Presenter: Cina Johnson Ohana Software/Real-Time Collaboration Customer Service and Training

If you plan ahead, you can achieve the desired results when uploading and creating your own source with RecordSeek Tree Connect. This webinar will focus on the process of checking your document image to ensure it will be the optimal size for FamilySearch. You will learn how to resize your file if it is too large. We will also review how to create a source for your document that is helpful to others. If you like Tree Connect for adding sources from websites but have shied away from uploading digitized documents in your possession, this class should inspire you. Now that FamilySearch provides us with a place and Tree Connect provides the means, your precious one-of-a-kind family records can be preserved and shared.

ResearchTies: Log your Research & Stay on Track

Presenter: Hannah Z. Allan - Development and Promotion, ResearchTies

Genealogy requires a commitment to organization, but without the right tools it can quickly get out of hand. Easy to use for the novice, yet powerful enough for the professional, ResearchTies is a one-of-a-kind, searchable research log. No more combing through stacks of handwritten notes or print-outs! ResearchTies enables users to search and sort all objectives, searches, discoveries, and to-do's within seconds. In addition, users can record web links and upload images to facilitate quick and easy viewing of documents. Come learn how research logs and ResearchTies will keep you on track and put you on the road to a paperless office and an organized genealogy mind.

RecordSeek Tree Connect - Source Tool for the FamilySearch Family Tree

Presenter: Cina Johnson Ohana Software/Real-Time Collaboration Customer Service and Training

FamilySearch has chosen to make links to online documents the backbone of their source citations. To give you the freedom to create sources from any website or personally owned documents, we present RecordSeek Tree Connect by Real-Time Collaboration. This FamilySearch certified product can link the source directly to your ancestors on the FamilySearch Family Tree and put the source into Source Box so you can attach it to several different people. If you have a scanned document that you want to use as a source, that document can be uploaded to our website and a source will be created.

This webinar will teach you how to use Record Seek Tree Connect to add sources to your family on FamilySearch. This great new tool is FREE so come join us and begin sourcing your family's records on FamilySearch Family Tree.

FamilyInsight for Beginners

Presenter: Cina Johnson

We spend time learning what the program does and how to open your genealogy file into FamilyInsight. You will be familiarized with the screen layout as we review the fundamentals of using each feature (mode) of the program. Some of these features include finding out if you have unlinked people or pedigrees, or duplicate records for some individuals, in your file. You will learn how you can improve your file by correcting your place names so they are consistent and recognized by FamilySearch.

By cleaning up you file, not only will it be a better quality file but you will be better prepared to search for your family on FamilySearch. FamilyInsight is a powerful but often underutilized tool and this class will help you make better use of the program.

FamilyInsight: Compare and Sync - The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Presenter: Cina Johnson

The Compare and Sync Mode of FamilyInsight is a life saver for all family historians and the best innovation since sliced bread! Have you ever updated your file on one computer and forgotten to transfer it to another computer and ended up with two files each containing new but different data? Have you gotten files from other researchers or the Internet but didn't want to add everything to your good file? Compare and Sync is the answer to your needs. We will cover how to use this mode to find the differences between two files and selectively update the main file with information in the secondary file. See how the filters can help you focus your work and much more.

FamilyInsight: Beyond the Basics 2

Presenter: Cina Johnson

If you are comfortable using FamilyInsight but want to better utilize its features, this class is for you! We will go beyond the basics of simple clean up and updating and show you how to use the program to better advantage. Join this class to take your use of FamilyInsight to the next level!.

FamilyInsight: Beyond the Basics

If you are comfortable using FamilyInsight but want to better utilize its features, this class is for you! Learn how to link people, add other data, fix "places" that contain descriptive information instead of a place name and much more. Join this class to take your use of FamilyInsight to the next level!

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