This evening I opened FamilyInsight and downloaded the most recent version. I am ESTATIC with the NEW Features!!
Thank you for a wonderful product. I've been getting "Warm Fuzzies" all evening using this new release.
~Chris & Alice Markis, Stake Family History Directors Richmond, Virginia

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Be Confident in Your File

FamilyInsight will help you keep your files clean so that next time you give your file to Aunt Sally, she'll be impressed with your organization ...among other things!

Take the Challenge

To many backups

Collaborate Easily with Others

Easily compare information in your file with any of the most popular genealogy files and update only the persons and information that you want into your file. Solve the problem of not knowing what is on all those backups you have saved.

Compare the difference

Accelerate the work:

FamilyInsight Download Version- $25.00

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Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 & 8

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